Shri Guru Raghavendra Astrology

“Astrology is known as Jyotish Shastra-meaning the science of light- has been a standard reference to the astrologers of the world. Based on this science, millions of astrologers, in India and across the globe, predict things to the extreme accuracy levels. Astrology and its origin in India dates back to 4,000 years. The ancient system of astrology is known as Vedic astrology which is part of Vedas the ancient Hindu scripts. ”
Astrology in simple terms is the study of the planets and stars and how they influence our daily lives. According to astrology, the movement of planets has a greater impact on our destiny. These influences can be quite real and accurate to a great extent. No wonder this science has been an inseparable part of human life.
Basis of Astrology:- As mentioned earlier, astrology is based on the movement of planets. Vedic astrology or the ancient system of astrology circles 9 planets, including two shadowy planets- Rahu and Ketu, and recognizes 27 constellations from Aswini to Revathi. In Indian astrology, there is a specific terminology to refer to the nine planets, their constellations, positions, and components.

Following are the requirements for horoscope reading:
. Date of Birth
. Time of Birth
. Place of Birth (For longitude and latitude)

Advantages of Astrology: All the incidents occurring in one’s life are already decided by the supernatural powers. We, humans, may not oppose or modify such writings of our fate but getting an idea of the things going to happen, we can boost the pace and the impact of an unpleasant occurrence through solutions and benevolence. This is similar to our knowing about weather through the sources available and taking an umbrella with us to protect ourselves from a hot sunny day or a day of cyclonic rainfall.